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Condition Your Hair To Be Brilliant

Beauty International is one of the suppliers of top hair care brands in the UK. We provide solutions from hair dryers to hair-thinning remedies. We also supply iconic brands such as Wella Koleston Perfect and Wella Colour Touch.

Wella is one of the popular names in hair care and offers a range of products from a simple Wella Shampoo to an advanced Wella Brilliance Conditioner. Wella Professionals now has a Brilliance Hair Care Range, which includes shampoos, conditioners, mousse, balms, and even a colour-protection serum.

Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo will nourish your hair, leaving it rich, glossy, and full of vitality. Once you use the shampoo, the Wella Brilliance Conditioner can be applied. Its highly specialised formula works on any hair type, strengthening your hair and protecting it with a layer that prevents breakage.

With Wella Brilliance Conditioner, you can reinforce any colour that you may have applied to your hair, making it more vibrant, while preventing your hair colour from fading. Coloured hair generally requires care beyond just colouring and shampooing. That’s where Wella Professionals Brilliance Mousse comes in. This product infuses hair with moisture and gives it a healthy look, keeping your hair shiny, while prolonging its colour.

If you’re dealing with long, coloured hair, use the Wella Professional Balm. This spray strengthens the scalp and coats your hair with moisture, improving the depth of its colour. The Wella Professionals Hair Colour Protection Serum can be used to prolong your hair colour as well and even helps to get rid of split ends.

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