Wella SP

Choose The Right Hair Care For You

We, at Beauty International, are a hair-care specialist providing services to customers all over the UK. We offer popular stylists such as Koleston Perfect and Color Fresh. Among our many brands, Wella SP is famous for the range of hair care products that they provide.

Starting from SP shampoo, to their conditioners and scalp masks, all their products are targeted at different hair types. There is a Wella SP shampoo, conditioner, and even mousse products for functions like smoothing, hydrating, repairing, and volumising hair. Their products target specific hair types to provide optimum results.

There is a Wella SP shampoo specifically designed for men, with an aroma that’s sure to uplift your senses. The basic formula of the SP shampoo contains pro Vitamin B5 that strengthens hair and leaves it more flexible, allowing it to withstand most instances of damage or breakage. The constituents of this solution also include properties that restore the pH balance of your hair, keeping it healthy, glossy, and less likely to weaken.

The shampoo also coats individual hair strands with a layer of moisture, protecting it from external factors and constantly hydrating the follicle. The Wella SP conditioner varies based on the type of hair it’s made for, but the general composition is almost the same across all hair types. The conditioner further provides the nutrient vitamin B5 and hydrates your hair from inside the hair shaft. It soothes your hair, making it easier to brush, diffusing it with a noticeable shine.

The range of scalp masks can be applied to your hair, both to cool and nurture your scalp. The mask is also weightless, so once you apply it, you won’t even notice it. It revitalises your hair and leaves it smooth and silky. Whether you have soft, coarse, or even untamed hair, there are a range of products for you to choose from.

Wella SP Smoothen Wella SP Hydrate Wella SP Repair
Wella SP Smoothen Hair Care Range
Wella SP Hydrate Hair Care Range
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Wella SP Volumize Hair Care Range
Wella SP Color Save Hair Care Range
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Wella SP Balance Scalp Hair Care Range
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