Our shampoo range only includes high quality products from leading salon brands including Wella Professionals, Wella SP, Sebastian Professional, Nioxin and Goldwell. These shampoo brands are not available on the high street and can be found exclusively in salons and online.
shampoo for dry hair

Shampoos For Dry Hair >>

Replenish and restore dry, damaged or chemically treated hair with our range of revitalising shampoos from wella, kms california, KMS California and more.
Shampoo For coloured Hair

Shampoos For Dyed & Treated Hair >>

A range of shampoos designed to protect and enhance coloured hair. Including shampoos from wella so, goldwell, KMS California and senscience
shampoo for fine hair

Shampoos For Fine Hair >>

Our range of shampoos designed to boost volume and strength of fine hair. Including shampoos from Nioxin, ds laboratories and more
Shampoo For thinning Hair

Shampoos For Thinning & Hair Loss >>

A range of shampoos specifically formulated for thinning hair. Brands include nioxin and ds laboratories
shampoo for thick hair

Shampoos For Thick / Coarse Hair >>

Our range of shampoos specially formulated for thick coarse hair types.
Shampoo For mature Hair

Shampoos For Mature Hair >>

Our range of shampoos specially formulated for mature hair.
shampoo for oily hair

Shampoos For Greasy & Oily Hair >>

Shampoos formulated to control the production of excess sebum in oily hair and restore a natural moisture balance.
Shampoo For damaged Hair

Shampoos For Damaged Hair >>

Our range of shampoos specially formulated to repair damaged and chemically treated hair.
Shampoo For frizzy Hair

Shampoos For Frizzy Hair >>

Fight the frizz with our range of shampoos designed to combat frizzy hair! Including shampoo from wella sp, senscience and kms california.
Shampoo For curly Hair

Shampoos For Curly Hair >>

Our range of shampoos specially formulated to enhance curls, both natural and permed.
Shampoo For anti-dandruff

Shampoos For Anti Dandruff >>

Our shampoos designed to control and prevent dandruff.
Shampoo For Sensitive Hair

Shampoos For Sensitive Hair >>

Shampoos formulated for use on sensitive scalps.