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Nioxin Cleanser System 3 - 300ml

If you have normal to fine, chemically treated hair that has started thinning and you have noticed significant signs of hair loss, then Nioxin Cleanser System 3 will arrange mind blowing results in your hairs appearance. Nioxin has been voted the No1 endorsed hair care thinning brand in the US with 70% of customers achieving thicker hair in simply just 30 days.

Nioxin Cleanser System 3 is a gentle filtering cleanser that provides compelling moisture and protection to the hair. It adequately evacuates contaminants and dead skin that hold fast to both the hair and scalp whilst not disappointing the regular pH scale. The specialised ingredients provide you with healthier hair development and leaves the scalp feeling natural and clean.

Nioxin Cleanser System 3 holds a multi-blend process of the accompanying:

BioAmp™ Technology which is a mixing of Cystine amino acids and lightweight conditioners. It supplies you with thicker and fuller looking hair by stretching the width of every hair strand and aids in the avoidance of going bald by strengthening and preventing hair damage and breakage.

Glyco-Colour Shield™ which has key parts of White Tea Extracts, Peppermint Oil and protective conditioners to help secure your colour. The dual shield advancement assists in supplying you with security and improves the moisture balance in colour-treated hair, and leaves the scalp feeling resuscitated and revitalised.

Transactive Delivery System™ which is jumbled with vitamins, antioxidants, plant botanicals and cleaning agents to help tidy up sebum that is released from the scalp, free radicals and contaminants that stick to both the hair and scalp, leaving both the hair and scalp, refreshed and restored.

To be utilized as you might a normal shampoo.

This cleaning agent is the first stage in your Nioxin System 3 regime.

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Nioxin Cleanser System 3 - 300ml

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