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Top Heat Curling Tools

It’s a well known fact in life that girls with curly hair wish they had straight hair, and girls with straight hair wish they had curls. If you’re in the latter camp, we have good news for you: we’ve rounded up the best curling tools to allow you to wave, twist and twirl your hair to perfection. Whether you’re after subtle care-free beach-y waves, cute and feminine ringlets or all-out volume with glamorous curls, you’ll find the curling tool you need right here.

Don’t forget to take a few preventative steps to ensure your hair remains healthy no matter how many times you switch up your hairstyle with heated tools:

  1. Always use a good quality shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for your hair type.
  2. Switch out your regular conditioner for a deep conditioner or hair mask a few times a month, especially if you use heat on your hair on a regular basis.
  3. Every time you use a heat tool, make sure you nourish your locks with a heat-protecting serum.
  4. Always use the lowest temperature setting possible for your hair type, so you don’t end up dehydrating it.

image left: Wella Professional Pro Curl Conical; image right: Conair Curl Secret Infiniti Pro

Wella Professional Pro Curl Conical

This heat curling tool is perfect for girls who keep changing their mind when it comes to hair: the versatile 25mm to 13mm conical wand offers flexible styling results. So whether you’re after voluminous curls, soft waves or just want to accentuate and define the curls you already have, the Pro Curl Conical will grant it to you. The wand is clip-free for easy of use, and it’s ceramic coating means it glides through your hair, making curling a breeze. Plus the tip of the wand is insulated, meaning it should be safe to touch even when heated to the highest temperature, and the wire is connected with a swivel connection so you won’t have to hold your arm and awkward angles. Wonderful!


Conair Curl Secret Infiniti Pro

The Infiniti Pro from Conair kind of looks like it could be classed as a medieval torture device and could be a little intimidating when you first take it out of its packaging. However, it is in fact a revolutionary new way to create curls! Your clean, tangle-free hair is automatically drawn into the devices ceramic curl chamber, where it is gently held and heated from all directions. There are two heat levels and three timer settings, so depending on which setting you choose, you can achieve either loose, medium or tight curls. This new technology means the curling tool does all the hard work for you: no twisting, no burns, and no arm ache!

image left: Hershesons Tourmaline Waving Wand; top right: Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Curl Tong; bottom right: Mark Hill Glam Goddess Hot Air Magic Wand

Hershesons Tourmaline Waving Wand

Hershesons have some of the chicest looking hair salons in the business, and it’s clear that their sense of style has fed down into their product range - this waving wand’s glossy white barrel would take pride of place on anyone’s dressing table! But it’s not style without substance: the wand heats up in seconds, and its clamp-free design makes creating loose, natural waves as easy as anything. Tourmaline technology helps reduce frizz and flyaways, locks in moisture and keeps your style in place for longer. Voilà - good hair days, almost instantly.


Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Curl Tong

This curling tong from Remington is the perfect solution for girls with stressed, dry and damaged hair: the ceramic coated barrel contains keratin conditioners that are pumped into each strand of your hair as you style it. The keratin will leave your hair feeling super soft and shiny, and with five different heat settings you’ll achieve maximum results with minimal heat damage.


Mark Hill Glam Goddess Hot Air Magic Wand

This ‘magic’ wand from Mark Hill is essentially a hairdryer that allows you to both style and dry your hair at the same time - perfect for busy girls who just don’t have the time to spend styling their hair every morning. The device comes with different attachments, to create different styles: a radial brush for extra volume, a conical wand for beautiful curls, and a wave wand for carefree waves. There are two speed settings, and two heat settings - plus a cool setting to ensure your style stays in place all day.

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