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30 problems every girl with long hair will understand


  1. Styling your hair takes hours.
  2. And results in intense arm ache. Might as well skip that workout!
  3. Clogged up hairbrushes.
  4. …and clogged up drains. So gross.
  5. Washing your hair takes so long that you put it off for as long as is decently possible.
  6. The fear that your hairdresser will accidentally cut off way more than you asked for.
  7. Wind.
  8. Having to tie your hair back every time you eat so it doesn’t dip in your food.
  9. But somehow you still end up with stray hairs in your meal?
  10. Zips.
  11. Spending most of your time during sex pulling hairs out of your mouth.
  12. Necklaces.
  13. When your hair is so long it doesn’t fit in your selfie.
  14. Broken hair ties.
  15. When you feel something on your arm and jump a mile because you think it’s a bug but actually it’s just your hair. Again.
  16. When your partner rolls onto your hair and you get trapped all night.
  17. Being constantly told that “you should donate your hair!”
  18. Accidentally hitting people in the face with your ponytail.
  19. Messy buns look like small animals have taken up residence on top of your head.
  20. Small towels.
  21. When your hair gets stuck in your armpits.
  22. When your hair gets stuck in your bag strap.
  23. When your hair gets stuck in the car door.
  24. When your hair gets stuck in the seatbelt.
  25. Humidity.
  26. Those little knots of hair that come out of the clothes dryer and look like spiders.
  27. Having to pull hair out of your butt crack after shampooing.
  28. Leaning back and pinning your hair to the chair, so it’s impossible to move your head.
  29. Getting tangled in plants and trees whenever you try to be at one with nature.
  30. Being constantly told that “your hair is so long!” as if you’d never noticed before.

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