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Summer festival hair inspiration from Coachella

The sun’s out, the festival season is fast approaching, and it’s time we started planning those outfits and, most importantly, our festival hairstyles!

Three or four days without access to a proper shower usually means we’re left with hair that’s looking far less than perfect, but as these festival-goers at this year’s Coachella show us, there are some tricks you can employ to keep your locks Instagram-ready.

1. Floral accessories - @ourcleanjourney


Add a floral headband, slip a fresh flower into a braid or go all-out with a huge floral crown - however you do it, bright and colourful floral accessories will distract attention away from your unwashed, windswept hair.

2. Natural waves - @j_murr



Leave your styling tools at home (where are you going to find a plug socket, anyway?) and opt for a wavy bedhead look instead. Simply spritz some dry shampoo into your roots when you wake up, and comb through your hair with your fingers to loosen out those gentle, carefree waves.

3. Milkmaid braid - @hawleydunbar


The milkmaid braid is perfect for when the sun is beating down, as it brings all the hair away form your face and off your neck. It’s also great for hiding messy, unwashed hair - grab a gaggle of friends and spend the morning braiding each others’ hair if you can’t manage this look yourself without a mirror.

4. Pigtails - @anadapieve



There’s nothing cuter than a pair of pigtail braids! Pigtails are an easier option than the milkmaid braid, but can be just as effective for disguising unwashed hair. Apply dry shampoo to the roots, then split your hair into two bunches and plait away. You could French braid from the top, or go for a looser braid like here. You could even weave ribbons, feathers and coloured sections in for a unique take!

5. Coloured hair - @feralcreature


Okay, this is probably something that you’ll want to plan for before you get to the festival, but brightly-coloured hair can hide a multitude of sins! You’re less likely to notice greasy roots (especially if you opt for a darker shade at the roots), and the colour is what everyone will notice first, not the tidiness! You could dye before you go, or pack some hair chalks with you.

6. The half bun - @devinbrugman


Buns and top knots are the classic post-workout hairstyle - only pull the top section of your hair into a top knot to add a bit of a festival-ready twist, and leave the rest of your hair loose and free.

7. Bandanas and scarves - @foreverteenageyears


Tying scarves into your hair is a classic way to disguise second- or third-day hair any time of the year, but amp it up a bit for a summer festival by using a brightly patterned scarf or a cool bandana. Plus, when it’s not in your hair you’ll be able to wear it around your neck or wrist. Bonus!

8. Hats - @abelxo


Of course, if all else fails (or if you’re simply having too much fun to faff about trying out a different hairstyle!) you can always resort to a hat. Pop on a floppy sunhat, a cowboy-style stetson, a cool bowler hat or a streetwise cap and nobody will be any the wiser that you’re hiding unkempt locks underneath!


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