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Anti-Hair Loss Treatments: The Latest Innovations

There can be many reasons for hair loss or hair thinning, in both men and women: crash dieting, side effects from medication, or genetic female pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness. But the good news is that in the past year or so plenty of new treatments have hit the market to help get your hair looking full, healthy and back to its best. With a little persistence and patience, these products can help significantly postpone or even reverse thinning hair or hair loss.

Anti-Hair Loss Treatments: Nioxin System

Nioxin system, £23.80; Nioxin booster, £50.


The Nioxin System comes in six different types, depending on the condition and type of your hair. It works to protect and refresh the scalp, create thicker-looking hair as well as moisturise for shinier, healthier hair. There are three stages: a cleanser, scalp revitaliser, and scalp treatment. The cleanser is used like a regular shampoo, and removes any sebum and residue that might clog the follicles. The scalp revitaliser is a lightweight conditioner that strengthens the hair and helps to control the moisture balance. Finally, the scalp treatment utilises antioxidants and botanical ingredients to stimulate the scalp and thicken the hair. If used daily, the system aims to deliver results in four weeks. For targeting areas of advanced hair loss or thinning, Nioxin offers the Nioxin Hair Booster, an ultra-concentrated formula designed to be used in tandem with the Nioxin System. Use twice daily, once in the morning before your scalp treatment, and again in the evening.

DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC-N

Spectral.DNC-N is the first hair thinning treatment to utilise Nanoxidil 5%, which suppresses DHT, the male hormone commonly associated with hair thinning, stimulates hair growth and works continuously for 12 hours with no side effects. This treatment is designed for men and women experiencing the early stages of hair thinning, and should stop hair thinning after a fortnight and provide significant results within three months. It should be applied twice per day; if you suddenly stop using Spectral.DNC-N, you may experience extensive shedding of the hair.

DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC-S

This second treatment from DS Laboratories is designed for men and women in the advanced stages of hair thinning, and works in a similar way to the Spectral.DNC-N. Spectral.DNC-S comes as two separate formulas, which you combine at home as you apply it, so the active ingredients can work to full efficacy. Like the other DS Laboratories treatments, you must use Spectral.DNC-S continuously to carry on receiving its benefits; if applied twice daily, you should see results within three months.

DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC-N, £31.99; DS Laboratories Spectral.DNC-S, £39.99; DS Laboratories Spectral.RS, £23.99; DS Laboratories Spectral.F7, £28.99.

DS Laboratories Spectral.RS

Spectral.RS is designed specifically for men and women who are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss not caused by genetics. The treatment addresses causes such as stress, vitamin deficiencies, and medical side effects; it contains ingredients obtained from natural sources, no drug compounds. Users should experience thicker, fuller hair after just a fortnight, but it can take up to six months depending on the stage of hair loss. Spectral.RS should be applied twice per day, or three times for accelerated results.

Like the Nioxin treatment, DS Laboratories have created a booster product, Spectral.F7. Spectral.F7 can be used as a standalone treatment for those with stress-induced hair loss, or as a booster alongside other DS Laboratories treatments. It helps improve the health of hair follicles, and should be use once per day, either after the regular morning treatment or before the evening one.

Goldwell Anti-Hairloss Spray, £8.99; Wella Professionals Anti-Hair Loss Serum, £9.65; Wella SP Tonic, £12.75.

Some of our most popular brands have also designed products targeted at reducing hair loss. Goldwell DualSenses Scalp Specialist Anti-Hairloss Spray and Wella SP Men Maxximum Tonic both help fight hereditary hair loss and thinning hair by strengthening the hair, increasing the hair’s natural growth phases and stimulating the scalp to encourage hair growth. Both products should be massaged into the scalp at least three times a week, ideally daily. For those with non-hereditary hair loss, Wella Professionals have brought out their Balance Anti-Hair Loss Serum, which contains energising ingredients to stimulate the scalp and strengthen and nourish the hair to prevent further hair loss and leave it looking fuller and thicker.

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